Frequently Asked Questions

(The Wedding Edition)



Who is going to shoot the wedding? 

We are a small team - we have up to 3 cinematographers who capture all our weddings, all with over 10 years experience + awesome equipment. We guarantee an awesome experience on the day (we have a relaxed, candid style), and wedding films you’ll love.

What does 4k mean?  

4K or ultra HD is footage shot in 4 times the amount of Pixels giving the footage a sharper clearer picture . 

What is a Gimbal Stabilizer and why is it offered? 

A gimbal stabilizer is a piece of equipment allowing the cinematographer to capture sweeping shots without camera shake, so the footage is smoother and allows us to give your wedding video a more cinematic style. 

Can I book drone footage?

Absolutely - we love our drone and our cinematographers are awesome drone pilots. This can be added on to your package for $275, or is included in the King Package.

What equipment do you use? 

We use 3 x full-frame 4K cameras that have a shallower depth of field and a more cinematic look, as well as Miller Air Tripods, a full cinema lens set, a Zoom H6 Recorder, and a bunch of Sennheiser G3 Wireless Lapel Kits, and an awesome professional lighting kit (amongst other things). Basically - we have you covered with the very best equipment. We always carry a tonne of spare batteries on the day, and back-up all footage meticulously.

Are there any limits on The Background Music we can Choose for Our film? 

As part of the editing process, our editors select licensed music from our wide range available in our catalogue to suit your video. The bride and groom have the option of choosing preferred music from our catalogue of licensed tunes.  We only use music that we have the legal right to use - that is, music that we have purchased the license for. If there is a particular song you would like to use, we can see if the rights are available and let you know pricing. Rights for very popular or famous songs are generally not available.

Do I need permission to have my cinematographer film in public places?

It is the couple’s responsibility to secure permissions + access to areas for us to film. Make sure you check rules + regulations with your venue + any photo shoot locations (including local councils) well in advance of your day.

What if there is a specific style of film I want?

No problems! You can send any style inspiration through to us before you make a booking, to ensure it is something we can cover. You can check out all our awesome examples of wedding cinema on our website to ensure we are the right fit for you. Note that all final editing decisions are made by Bedroom Studio, and no revisions are included in any package.

Who edits my films?

Our editors, Shaun and Ashley, are based in Newcastle with us and work closely together to edit all our films (they’re awesome).

Can I send revisions and notes on my wedding films?

Our experienced editors work super hard to ensure your wedding film is as awesome as possible - we don’t offer revisions on any wedding films delivered. Make sure you check out all our examples on our website before booking, to ensure our style of shooting + editing is the right fit for you and your partner, and what you envision for your day.

Do you film elopements?

Absolutely! Get in touch with us with all the details of your day and we’d love to help out.

Can I get all the raw footage from my wedding?

We don’t provide the raw footage to our couples, however we do have an option to order all your footage ‘Lightly Edited’ ($275 add-on). This means that our editors will take all footage captured on the day, arrange it in chronological order, and sync the sound. Please note we only capture sound for certain parts of the day where the speaker is amplified (eg ceremony, speeches, messages to the Newlyweds, the music for the first dance). As we have up to three cameras set up around the venue right throughout the day, we do not record sound to protect your guests’ privacy.

How much footage is captured during the day?

This totally depends how long the booking is, and what films you have selected. We aren’t rolling the whole time (eg there is not 8 hours footage for an 8 hour booking) - our experienced cinematographers shoot to capture the best moments across the day (eg during your reception and Photoshoot), and capture your ceremony, speeches + first dance in full.

Do I need 1 or 2 cinematographers?

This totally depends on the size of your wedding and what you’d like captured - we work closely with our couples to ensure we have customised the best package for them. The advantage of having a second cinematographer is simply, more coverage from the day. This work well for bigger or longer wedding bookings, and is included in the Double, Queen and King packages.

I have something special or unusual planned for my day - how flexible are you?

Very! We love unusual! Send us an email and we would love to help.

Who owns the rights to my wedding videos?

All footage + films remain the intellectual property of Bedroom Studio. You may use your films for personal use without limit, however express written consent + additional fees are required if the films are to be used for any commercial purpose (eg the website of another business).

Where will my wedding videos be used by Bedroom Studio?

All or part of the content we produce may be used for promotional purposes by Bedroom Studio - mainly on social media and our website (so other couples can see how awesome your day was). We do not share any private or personal information, ever. If you wish to exclude video or images from being used you can purchase exclusive rights to the content (for personal use) from Bedroom Studio for $500 (ex GST).


Who will be shooting my wedding?

We have a small, experienced team of photographers who capture all our events - once they are booked, we don’t take any more bookings that day. Your photographer does all the shooting on the day + editing afterwards. Our photographers are awesome, experienced and a lot of fun (one of our photographers once made a helicopter pilot move a helicopter so he could get the perfect shot of a couple at a winery - we always goes the extra mile). We can set up a Facetime call so you can meet your photographer in advance of the day, talk through your plans and ask any questions you may have.

What is your photographic style?

We have a relaxed, natural + candid style of shooting - we capture all the joy on the day as it happens, with minimal posing.

How many photos will I get?

We generally deliver 100 edited photos per hour of booking (eg 8 hour booking = 800 photos). This is only an approximation and may vary depending on the day.

What do you take photos of on the day?

Everything! We can capture right from prep all the way through to reception exit. We focus on candid, natural moments. Generally we will capture the ceremony from multiple angles, then take the bridal party + groomsmen for approximately 90 minutes for a photoshoot - then come back and capture all the fun from the reception.

What if there is specific photos I want?

No problems! This is super helpful to us (especially with family photos). You can send a shot list through to us up to 7 days before your wedding.

What Is an Engagement Shoot? 

 This is a shoot with the happy couple that takes place before the wedding, in an agreed upon location. This is for up to two hours with one photographer and includes edited photos with digital delivery. It’s a great opportunity to get to know your photographer before the wedding so you can be more relaxed on the big day.  

What Is a Professional Photo Slideshow? 

This is a professionally edited video slideshow of highlights from the day set to music

Can I get a Photo Album Made?

Totally! It’s a great momento from the day. We offer 2 options for beautiful Premium Hardcover Photobooks, 20 page ($495) or 40 page ($695) delivered via Australia Post up to 6 weeks after your big day. These are complimentary in the King + Queen Photo or Combo Packages.

Who owns the rights to my photos?

All raw + edited photography remains the intellectual property of Bedroom Studio. You may use your photographs for personal use without limit, however express written consent + additional fees are required if the films are to be used for any commercial purpose. We love it if you tag us at if you post on social media (we’re very social).


What is the benefit of booking a Combo Package?

The main reason is that there is consistency in having a team that works well together - our photographers + cinematographers have been working together for ages, and work effortlessly together on the day to capture your day from every angle. It also means we do all the co-ordination + scheduling in-house - you don’t have to co-ordinate with multiple vendors.

How does scheduling for a Combo package work?

When you book a combo, our photographer + cinematographers start + end the booking at the same time. We work closely with you to figure out your schedule on the day + ensure we cover everything you need.


What is involved in the booking process?

We know there is a million things to think about in the lead up to your wedding, so we have made our booking process as simple as possible. Once we confirm, we send you out an Invoice + a detailed form to fill out. Your deposit is due 7 days from the Invoice date, the remainder is due 7 days from the wedding. We call you 7 days before your wedding to confirm all scheduling + locations. But our studio manager, Sarah, is here for you day and night if you have any questions or concerns.

How far ahead to I need to book?

As far ahead as possible - we do tend to get booked (especially on weekends) up to 2 years in advance, so once you know your wedding date, get in touch with us to secure your date. Your booking isn’t confirmed until your deposit is received.

How many hours would you recommend we book for? 

This comes down to what is important to you, and the scheduling of the day. We always recommend booking for as much of the day as possible, so we can cover prep, ceremony, photoshoot and reception. Our most popular product for this is our Queen combo package (10 hours cinematographers + photographer).  

How do you figure out when the booking starts?

We start half an hour before your ceremony (to ensure we have time to set up), or if we are capturing bridal party + groomsmen prep, we start at least 2.5 hours before your ceremony. Our bookings work as a block - eg if you have an 8 hour booking that starts at midday, it finishes at 8pm, even if there are breaks in the middle.

Do You Offer Payment Plans or Flexible Payment options? 

There is a non-refundable deposit of $500 due 7 days from booking to secure your date, then the rest of the payment is due 7 days before your event. We accept payment via bank transfer, so you can pay upfront or in weekly/monthly instalments - whatever suits you! If you have any questions or concerns about payment please email or call us and our studio manager, Sarah, would be more than happy to see how we can assist you.  

Can I Change the Package, If I change my mind Later? 

You can reduce your package up to 30 days before your big day – eg a wedding on the 30th December, the 31st November would be the last day to make changes. This is to ensure our cinematographers, photographers and editors can plan and schedule adequately. You can upgrade your package up to 24 hours before your wedding, pending the availability of additional photographers + videographers.  If you decide on the night that you’d like us to stay for longer, please let our cinematographers and/or photographers know, and we can add the extra time to your invoice.

What if the date of my wedding changes?

If there is a change of plans, let us know right away and we will aim to be as flexible as possible! Your deposit is non-refundable (as we have turned down other bookings on your scheduled date). If we are available on your date, we can reschedule at no extra cost. If we are not available, we can recommend some awesome cinematographers who may be.

Can I meet everyone before I make my booking?

As we are based in Newcastle and capture weddings + events all over NSW, we don’t offer in-person meetings, but would be delighted to meet with you on Facetime or Zoom for a casual chat, and to answer any questions you may have.

Is travel included in my booking? How far will you travel?

Travel to Newcastle, Central Coast, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens and Sydney is included in all wedding packages. If your wedding is further afield, let us know - we love an adventure! Additional travel + accomodation fees may apply.


What is the Approximate Wait time for Regular Online Delivery? 

Regular online delivery is up to 12 weeks. We will give you an approximate delivery date via email the day after the shoot. Please note this delivery date is only an approximation and may change.


How Fast Is Priority Turn Around, What is the Approximate wait time? 

Priority turn around means delivery of all ordered product within 10 days.  


Will Online Downloads work on any computer, and are there any hidden Costs to access my films? 

Online downloads work on any Mac or PC, and download instructions are included with delivery. We deliver in .mov or mp4 file.  There are no hidden costs – everything is included in your package price.  

Can I get my films delivered on USB or Hard Drive?

Absolutely - let us know if you’d like USB delivery and this is an additional $110, or $275 for a hard drive that you keep. We deliver all our films online via Vimeo (all films are downloadable), as this is overwhelmingly the easiest option for our couples - we can deliver instantly, and you can still have the files saved on your computer but without any postage or handling. Please note we test all USB’s + hard drives before sending out, and send via registered post in bubble wrap. Bedroom Studio are not responsible for any damage that occurs to USB’s or hard drive during delivery, and any additional USB’s or Hard drives sent out must be paid in full before sending.


What can I expect on my wedding day?

We make sure we have absolutely everything we need to capture your day well in well in advance - so you can relax and enjoy your day, knowing we’ve got you covered. We are discreet on the day and capture the day as it happens, and provide light direction + suggestions as needed during the photoshoot (because we know how to make you look amazing!). We go by a schedule agreed upon with our couples before the day, to ensure we have plenty of time to set up at each location, and ensure we can get every shot we need - but we are happy to be spontaneous if awesome photo or filming opportunities present themselves!

Who is the Bedroom Studio Team?

We are a fun, tight knit group of friends and colleagues - we have Sarah, our Studio Manager, who works from our studio to take bookings, answer questions, support all our clients around the clock. Then there’s Chris, our CEO + lead cinematographer who founded Bedroom Studio 5 years ago, as well as Ross + Steve our other stellar cinematographers. Our awesome lead photographer is Jarrod (he has a great collection of very sharp hats, you can request he wears one for your wedding if you like), and our hardworking editors are Shaun + Ashley. We are all based in Newcastle, NSW, and when we aren’t capturing weddings (which is what we love doing most), we are hanging out with our rescue dog, staying active (because wedding cake) and enjoying all the awesome things Newcastle has to offer.

Are you on social media?

We’re very social. You can follow us on both Instagram and Facebook at (or click the logos at the bottom of the page).

Anything else? Contact us and we’d be happy to help!